Lightweight, durable folding chairs and tables. Easily stackable furniture for outdoor, school, restaurant or cafe.


Foldable Tables and Chairs

Restaurant tables and chairs

Innova Group understands that banquets and weddings have specific seating requirements that differ from business focused events. So, we have every conceivable base covered, and we can always be relied upon to come up with seating that suits any occasion. Regardless of whether a club or hotel needs to upgrade its seating, or a stadium is looking to invest in seating that’s both flexible and durable, we have hospitality chairs to suit the occasion. If it’s multi tasking or quality conference seating that’s required, the search really does end here.

Embracing innovation and creative solutions

Manufacturing and supplying furniture with a difference that is our primary objective. If a venues need to equip any multifunctional area, they’ll be well served to make Innova Group the primary focus of attentions. From attractive and durable banquet and dining chairs, to practical furniture that can be stacked and stored with the minimum of effort and fuss, we’ve got it covered. Regardless of whether a venue needs folding tables, function furniture, or seating that’s folding or stackable, one thing’s for sure, our innovative solutions will always inspire.

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